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We’re all about tribes. We join those that speak to us and align with our vibe. In #TribeGoals, we sit down with key changemakers as they share some of their inspirations, thinking and flow with creating, building and joining their communities.

#TribeGoals will feature guests bi-weekly. We will share stories and memorable moments with Industry and lifestyle leadership from wellness, fitness, and style to sports, entertainment and entrepreneurship. Hear about how our featured guests #TribeGoals and what fuels those tribes, passions and members.

Enjoy these constructive insights across industries so we can better our selves, others and the world with our time, attention, and love together. #SOWTAL

#TribeGoals is Executive produced and hosted by Kimmie Smith, Celebrity Fashion Stylist and Co-Founder/Creative + Style Director of Athleisure Mag and is Executive Produced by Paul Farkas, Co-Founder/Publisher of Athleisure Mag. #TRIBEGOALS is produced and mixed by the team at @AthleisureStudio