This month’s cover and back cover is WWE Superstar and E! Total Divas (9th season drops Oct 2nd) – Leah Van Dale who wrestles under the name, Carmella. We talk with her about the upcoming season, her journey to the WWE with her background in fitness, cheerleading and dancing and her new wine label. In our feature, Something You Should Know, we interviewed Tracy Wolfson, sports broadcaster for CBS Sports. She talks about women in sports, how she got to where she is, and what she’s excited about for this season in terms of the storylines that are taking place in the NFL which is celebrating its 100th season. We also sat down with Ron Silver of Bubby’s an iconic restaurant known for its comfort food in Tribeca, The Highline and with 6 outposts in Japan.We talked about how he got into the restaurant business, the cannabis industry and his art. You can also hear his interview on our podcast network, Athleisure Studio within our show Athleisure Kitchen (available at iHeartRadio, Spotify, Apple Podcast, Himalaya, Stitcher and wherever you enjoy hearing your favorite shows). This month, we chatted with Chef Alvin of The Usual in NYC for The Art of the Snack.

As usual, we have our monthly roundups including our 9LIST (Athleisure Mag’s picks that we’re loving this month in style, beauty and fitness) featured roundups. This month’s 9LIST STORI3S (picks supplied by celebrities) gives us insight into Celebrity Fitness Trainer and Director of Strength and Endurance Training for the LA Lakers. We are also debuting the newest roundup within the 9LIST ecosystem with 9PLAYLIST (9 songs that we’re loving this month – of course, we’d love to hear from your talent who would like to share their playlists as well). As always, you can enjoy Athleisure List (Le Tea and City Wine Tours), The Pick Me Up, Bingely Books, Bingely Streaming, Style Files, Rock This Look During Sweater Weather, Athleisure Beauty, How to Dress, In Our Bag, #TRIBEGOALS and Pomelo Beauty

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